Posted by: sheenastrain | July 22, 2008

Our last week in London

The majority of our worldly goods were packed and shipped two weeks ago and are currently on a ship bound for New Orleans. Once the packers came it was a relatively painless process, we just kept out of the way in one of the bedrooms while they wrapped everything (and I mean everything) in white bubble wrap.

I spent the remaining 12 days in London cleaning the oven, picking up lego, going to the theatre – to the Globe to see ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ and the Shaftesbury to see ‘Hairspray’ – and generally getting stressed about the sheer amount of stuff we still had.

We locked our door for the last time on Monday and headed north for Glasgow. We have two weeks in Scotland with our families before fly out of Heathrow Airport on the 7th August.



  1. Wow, I’m still having a hard time believing you guys are really moving to the US. I hope the move goes well. I’ll look forward to getting in touch once you’re in the country.

  2. Would have loved to be there and wish you guys goodbye. Enjoy the stay in Scotland and all the best with the preparations for going to the US.

  3. Oh wow! I must be out of your loop lately – what in the world are you doing moving to New Orleans??? (And… welcome to the US in a couple of weeks!).

  4. New Orleans! Hope it all goes well! Will keep reading 🙂

  5. I was just saying to my mom this evening that it’ll be weird the next time I’m in London not to see you guys (or sleep on your sofa bed ;))

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