Posted by: sheenastrain | August 14, 2008

In Columbus

We arrived in the USA last Thursday and spent a few days with our friends in Atlanta before leaving there for Columbus on Monday.

We are staying with ‘Miss Pat and Mr Charles’ who are wonderful hosts. Pat is an excellent cook and has nearly as many cook books as David has theology books, and that’s a lot. This morning we are having fried green tomatoes, biscuits (scone type things) and crispy bacon before heading out again to do the rounds of schools, furniture shops and look for white goods. I’ve been up since 6am in order to go to the farmers market which had a splendid array of produce including squash, green beans, tomatoes, blueberries, melon, onions and jams, pickles and honey. I’m looking forward to walking there on a regular basis!



  1. Glad you guys have arrived safely. When you get settled in and get your phone number sorted out, let me know what it is.

    Until then, enjoy your grits and cornbread!

  2. Hope all the arranging you need to do goes quickly. And enjoy farmers’ market – sounds good!!! 🙂

  3. Glad that you got to Columbus safe and sound. It sounds like a pretty nice place. We hope, and pray, that you will be able to settle in quickly. We have just arrived (today) in Savannah, and so are very aware of how stressful moving can be, but also how exciting!

  4. Glad you have arrived safely. Hope all the sorting out goes well, and that you’re able to choose a good school for the boys.

  5. So I take it you made the move! Haha. I wish I’d have gotten the chance to see ya’ll before you left, but all the best as you start your new lives in the South!

  6. If you grow a taste for grits, I will disown you as friends. 😀

    Send over your phone # when you get one.

  7. Hi Sheena

    Does your old email address still work? (The ntl one?)

  8. Hey Ya’ll. Peejay and I are suh glad ya’ll made it saeef to Meeesuseepee. We loov ya’ll a whole bunch. yur favorite duuooooh. blessings and bless bless!!

  9. Hmmm, I thought I had commented on here already!! I guess not.

    Glad you made it safe and sound – I look forward to hearing more about your Mississippi adventures….

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