Posted by: sheenastrain | September 30, 2008

Suthun Dictionary

Some of these are from “The complete how to speak Southern”, others are from my own observations.

Bangs – Your fringe. I don’t think this is an exclusively Southern term though.
Bapdist: – Such as ‘First Bapdist’, which is the next block up from us.
Chitlins: – Fried or boiled Hog intestines. I’m not planning on eating these anytime soon.
Critters: – Depends on who you ask, but it often refers to unwanted furry animals, especially if they are in your house, basement or roof space. Includes Squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons.
Deppity:- A county law enforcement officer “Bob’s a Deppity Shurf”
Fixin’ :- Preparing to, “Ahm fixin’ to go shopping”
Goobers :- Peanuts
Griyuts: – Made from cornmeal, grits are often served with breakfast.
Redneck Riviera – The strip of coastline that runs from Gulf Shores, Alabama to Apalachicola on the Florida panhandle.
Wahn :- What Jesus turned water into.

Edit: I nearly forgot this one, “Jahnathan” is one of Joel’s friends at pre-school, and yes, that’s really how he pronounces it.



  1. Check out Jeff Foxworthy’s “Redneck Dictionary”. On his show “Blue Collar Comedy” (don’t know if it’s still on tv or not) he had a word or two each week – hilarious! Your post reminded me of it.

  2. I was trying to think of some more, but then again I think my wife speaks English most of the time these days! And as for my two-passport daughter, she sounds so un-redeemably English that you wouldn’t know she was from the Highlands of Scotland.

  3. I still say fixin’ to (or rather fixin’ ta) all the time.

    Another good one: buggy= shopping trolley.

  4. Bangs is used in Canada too and so is buggy!

  5. This is too funny! 🙂

    You may be interested to know that when we first moved to Edinburgh I made my own little list of new words/phrases!

    I remember when Catriona L first said she wanted to have our family “round for tea”…I quite literally thought she meant that we should go over to her house to drink a cup of hot tea.

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