Posted by: sheenastrain | October 22, 2008

Doug Wilson reviews The Shack

blue shack on the track, originally uploaded by Ben McLeod.

This book is everywhere, I saw it on the bestseller shelf at Walmart but passed it by and instead bought some liberal lefty book about the Iraq war and George Bush. The Shack has reached the top of the NY times bestseller list, but then so did the ‘Left Behind’ series, and it was absolute guff in every way.

Well anyway, I didn’t think that The Shack would be better than any of the Christian fiction I’ve seen in the past, so I didn’t pick it up, I’m sure I could find someone that has a copy if I really felt like reading it. There are numerous reviews of it, none favourable that I’ve seen so far. Here’s an excerpt from Doug Wilson’s review, you can read the rest here.

And this brings me to the way in which this book was simply terrible, blasphemous. But before going on, I have to hasten to add that it is a peculiar form of evangelical blasphemy, one that is well-intentioned and naive. I remember one time I was at a conference where the group I was with was sharing the venue with another group. So one time I sat in on the chapel services of that other group, and they began singing “Spring Up, O Well,” which was fine with me. But since the song involved water, somebody had developed hand motions, and jumpy-up-and-down-motions. So there was this room full of adult Christians jumping up and down while they were singing, splish splashing along. But then they got to a verse where it was all about the blood of Christ instead of water, and they continued right on with the hand motions and the jumping, and the only thing missing was the rubber ducky, and nobody blasphemes like an evangelical can.


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