Posted by: sheenastrain | November 4, 2008

Vote Pro-Bacon

Americans are being shortchanged and no-one has noticed. The media, busy with election histrionics have no idea about the size of the problem. If you go to Walmart or Kroger you can get streaky bacon that’s smoked, or you can get smoked streaky bacon. Unsmoked? No. Back Bacon? No. Americans need a proper breakfast and you can’t have that without real bacon.

Join me then in campaigning for real bacon, it’s the change we need!
I’m Sheena Strain and I approve this message.



  1. 🙂

    How glad I am that I don’t have to vote in America 🙂

  2. Here Here! I have been lamenting the desperate state of American ‘bacon-flavoured(ish) frying product’ since I got here. The three things I miss most about living in Scotland are Bacon, Morning rolls, and black pudding.

    I am thinking about making my own bacon. (from a pork loin) I am experimenting with bread, but cant quite get it right yet. And as for the black pudding, well I guess I shall just have to eat my fill when we go back at Christmas.

    You have in me a card-carrying (if we had cards) member of the Campaign for Real Bacon.

    Sheena for President!

  3. Send a campaign placard my way!! 🙂

  4. Now I’m hungry!! 🙂

  5. Strain gets my vote!! Alex, I am devastated that Starbucks sessions with the Egg is not the main thing you miss about life in the mothercountry. I assume I am number four on your list. That doesn’t satisfy me but I will forgive you, as love covers a multitude of sins.

  6. Have you tried Canadian bacon? It seems the closest thing.

  7. Woohoo, Canadian bacon!! Gotta love all things Canadian – like me for instance. 😉

  8. No Canadian bacon round these parts I’m afraid.

  9. You’re so right, Sheena! When I had a chance to visit Scotland last year and had a full Scottish breakfast, the bacon was fantastic! (I miss it…)

  10. Sheena is wonderful & we in the South are delighted to have her on this side of the water. Guess I’ll have to save my egg money (Southern Phrase) for a trip to Scotland to check out this Scottish breakfast.

  11. My roommates fix this back bacon all the time. that’s awesome. I keep trying to tell them it’s ham.

  12. I can live with the splinteringly crisp streaky bacon. However, if you were to include in your campaign potato scones and white pudding you would need a whole army of pistols to stop me signing up. Oh for a Morton’s roll with tattie scone, fried egg and square sausage. Yummee

  13. Ah! I missed this the first time!

    I lament no back bacon either. I know you can find it sometimes at actual butcher shops, but that’s rare. Of course, I missed American bacon when I was in Scotland…but it’s not as good on a bap with brown sauce!

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