Posted by: sheenastrain | November 20, 2008

I passed my driving test.. again.

Pat and I spent the best part of the day to-ing and fro-ing between the DMV office, here and The Front Door. Like our American friends living the UK, my drivers license is not valid after a year. The other problem is that it’s virtually impossible to get insurance here without a US drivers license.

I took a multiple choice test with 30 questions, I think I got 4 wrong. One was about a school bus on a 2 lane highway, which I wrongly understood to be a dual carriageway, they meant a double track road. But hey ho, it didn’t matter as I passed anyway. Another asked how many years the drivers license is issued for, I’m not sure what that had to do with you being a competent driver, and just as well as I got that one wrong too.
Then the nice lady took me out for the driving test part which involved a drive around the local roads in a large rectangle shape until we arrived back at the test centre. It lasted all of 6 or 7 minutes and had no hill starts, no emergency stops, no turn round in the road, no reverse round the corner and no parallel parking. It was a bit of a skoosh compared to the UK test.

So we’re off to Gulfport MS and then Destin, FL for a week, leaving tommorow. If we have an internet connection then I’ll post some photos when we are away.



  1. Yay for you! Although by the sound of it you could have been a not so very good driver and they wouldn’t have noticed. Not that you’re not a good driver but you know what I mean!! I hope.

  2. Now you know one reason why American drivers are so poor: our driving tests are pretty much a joke — Can you make the car move? Can you look in your mirrors? That’s pretty much it. 😉

  3. Read this on ‘Front Door’ website

    ‘Located in historic downtown Columbus, the Front Door and Back Door Restaurants have been a Columbus tradition for over 10 years.’

    Just about sums up the good ole USA where you can have a tradition in 10 years. What would they think of pibroch and the ceol mor?

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