Posted by: sheenastrain | December 17, 2008

Happy Camper

066, originally uploaded by The Preacher’s wife.

I just got my emergency supplies from Scotland. I have so much to cook and prepare in the next few days that I’m running around like the purpose driven wife.

The place is a tip, but at least I can console myself with a crunchie and a cup of Scottish blend tea.



  1. awesome! we were running through the “essentially british” section at heathrow trying to decide what to buy before we got on the plane for america.

  2. I didn’t know they still sold Curly Wurlys, I haven’t seen one of those bad boys in ages.

    How does Scottish Blend taste with non-Scottish water? Isn’t the thing that makes it Scottish Blend that was blended specifically for the kind of water we have? Or is that a load of nonsense, and it tastes amazing whichever country you’re in?

  3. James,

    You are absolutely right, it tastes much better with scottish water, though the water here is not hard in the way that it was in London (no limescale here)

    It’s simply so much better than liptons tea which is the main brand here.

  4. I have recently found Tetley to be a fair tea, in a pinch. It is weaker than British tea, but if you let it steep it works. We recently ran out of Scottish Blend, which was un grande disaster, but we will pick up a suitcase full when we are home for Christmas.

  5. I really was quite happy with the tea selections here until a brief visit to Coventry introduced me to Lipton yellow label…then the Scottish folks arrived and shared the Scottish blend that makes a proper cuppa. I’ll never be happy again.

  6. If you ever run out of mixed spice, pumpkin pie spice is very close. I have to use mixed spice in my pumpkin pie, so I’m sure it goes back the way too. Very similar ingredients. 🙂

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