Posted by: sheenastrain | February 19, 2009

6 Months later

Columbus, MS, originally uploaded by The Preacher’s wife.

I’m finally starting to feel like things are coming together in the house, there are still some unpacked boxes, but they mostly contain books that have no bookcases to sit on. I cleared out the walk in closet in the hallway yesterday. It had been chock full of so much stuff that the odds of ending up in Narnia while looking for the hoover were high.

The weather has been a surprise as it’s often been colder than it was in London. Or maybe it just seems that way, I don’t know. I’m looking forward to spring and have managed to bribe some student types to dig my garden for food, time will tell whether I manage to grow anything in the heat and humidity.



  1. So glad you’re feeling settled!

    Have fun garden-planning.

  2. This was an unusually cold year for the American South. I wish you well in your gardening this year! The first year gardening in a new place is always full of surprises.

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