Posted by: sheenastrain | April 8, 2009

Nom nom nom nom


Who’d have thought that being untidy and disorganised would have it’s occasional advantages? Yesterday as I was folding laundry, Euan appeared and thrust a pack of M&S mini rolls in my face. I was a little taken aback as to my knowledge the nearest M&S is at least 4000 miles away.

“I found them in my suitcase!!” he said gleefully, Well we shared them, leaving a couple of the broken ones for daddy – sorry. A rare treat in the middle of a fairly ordinary day. And in case you’re wondering yes I have unpacked my suitcases, I did it the day after we got back, just not very thoroughly.



  1. Do you know that M&S have recently re-branded a lot of their cake packaging? It has a more ‘retro’ feel now, but I’m hoping the contents still taste just as good. They have introduced cupcakes too. I’ve been meaning to blog about them – that’s how exciting life in Fife is these days! – but I can’t find any photos online. (And the ones I bought didn’t last long enough for me to take my own photos!


  2. Sheena, I have missed corresponding with you. When you left FB I realized I did not know how to continue communicating with you. Then as I was looking at pictures of Alex and Sara’s baby I saw your comment to them. Hope this gets to you. Love Linda Rahaim

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