Posted by: sheenastrain | May 25, 2009

New Orleans

David and I are just back from a weekend trip to New Orleans. We had a great time eating the local cuisine and sightseeing in the French Quarter and the Garden District, though my feet are still recovering.

We took a tour through the city which took us through several different areas of town including the Lower 9th Ward where were able to see where the levee was breached and the rebuilding work which is still going on. You can see some of the new houses being built by Brad Pitt’s “Make it Right Foundation” here.
We toured one of the cemeteries and saw the above ground tombs there, then we toured the Garden District where the guide pointed out various large mansions, including the one from the Benjamin Button movie (the last photo below), and John Goodman’s house. Brad And Angelina apparently live in a fairly modest townhouse in the French Quarter.

We ate out in some great restaurants including Emeril’s NOLA, Bayona for posh nosh, the Parkway Bakery for some Po’ Boy shrimp sandwiches, and not forgetting the ubiquitous Cafe Du Mond for beignets (that’s square donuts sprinkled with powdered sugar)

French Quarter Doorway
French Quarter house
Dauphine Street, French QuarterBenjamin Button's House


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