Posted by: sheenastrain | May 26, 2009

Recent goings on in the Church of Scotland

The Mound

If you don’t read the Reformation 21 blog or live in the UK then you’ve probably not heard about the Church of Scotland’s evangelicals attempt to prevent the installation of Scott Rennie, an openly homosexual minister in Queens Cross Church in Aberdeen. At The General Assembly last week, they did not manage to prevent his installation with the vote going 326 to 267 in his favour. You can read some of the back story here.

I’m sorry that it’s come to this for the Cof S, but not surprised really. David grew up in the Cof S, trained for the ministry at Glasgow University and was removed as a candidate in his final year because of his views regarding the ordination of women.

It was a painful time for us both, but for him especially. At the meeting of Glasgow Presbytery where his candidacy was terminated, the moderator read out a summary of his views, he then asked, not one but three times, if anyone had anything to say on the matter, but the presbytery remained silent and so his candidacy was terminated. It was hard knowing that none of the evangelicals present were prepared to speak up in his defence, though many of them hold exactly the same views on women’s ordination that he does.

Strangely, the only real support we received from within the denomination at the time was from George Newlands, a theologically liberal professor at Trinity College in Glasgow. He was very gracious and kind and took a real interest in our welfare.

Well anyway, here are a few links to some other blogs discussing the matter. David Meredith posts his thoughts here and Carl Trueman, over at the Heidelblog, makes his thoughts known here.



  1. It’s so sad that the Evangelicals in the CofS genuinely see this latest issue as an unprecedented departure from Scripture. David’s case, as you point out, shows the lie there. It’s just hard to see them find a way back now, with the leadership they are ladled with.
    Hope you guys are doing great.

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