Posted by: sheenastrain | June 17, 2009

At the PCA GA in Orlando

Our first time at the PCA’s General Assembly has been a great experience so far. We’ve met old friends and some new ones, I have photo’s but no USB cable so you’ll need to wait until I get back.

In the exhibition hall I spoke to the nice lady from CFP and then we saw Malcolm Maclean at his booth selling psalmodies, we also caught up with Guy Richard,Jon Payne,Jonathan Hays and Bryce Hales.

Martin Cameron from HTC came up and introduced himself to us which was nice, I don’t think we’d met before. Later on we went out for supper with a bunch of guys and we got to chat to Burk Parsons who was very nice and recommended the recipe their church uses for communion bread.
Later after the evening worship service Jonathan introduced us to Jason Stellman who pastors a congregation somewhere in Seattleshire.

There have been seminars in between times and the business proper didn’t really get going until today. I stayed in to watch a little bit of the proceedings today, but it’s not really my cup of tea, so I’m back at the room getting a little rest before this evenings discussion between Tim Keller and Ligon Duncan on female deacons.



  1. Communion bread, you say…might you possibly mean something that does NOT taste like stale cardboard to use for the Lord’s Supper??

    Yea…where do I sign up?

  2. Sheena, I believe this means that Miss Pat has officially volunteered to bake communion bread – we’re all witnesses!! 😉 No backing out now…

  3. Wish I could be there with you! Maybe next year.

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