Posted by: sheenastrain | June 21, 2009

At the Grill

David grilled some tandoori chicken last night, It was so ridiculously hot and humid that to have started with the oven inside would have been torture. We simply used a jar of Pataks tandoori paste mixed with some yogurt and then put it on the grill. It’s nice served with some lemon wedges, rice, salad and naan bread if you have it. I think I saw the jars of tandoori paste in a SuperTarget, but I’m not sure.

at the grill




  1. i feel conflicted about this response. tandoori made me very happy. the chicken part less so…

  2. I’m sure you’d get over it pretty quickly if you saw it!
    Apparently you can grill tofu, don’t know if you can tandoorify it though.

  3. David looks like he isn’t completely sure it was such a good idea in the second photo.

  4. Wow, he looks like a real American!! 😉

    (Except for the flag…)

  5. Sweet grill!

  6. yummy!

    …and look at that flag!! 🙂

    Hunter enjoyed getting to see y’all at GA.

  7. nice flag by the way.

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