Posted by: sheenastrain | August 14, 2009

A mouse in the Kitchen

David saw a mouse in the kitchen tonight, unfortunately for me he wasn’t washing the dishes whilst listening to NPR.

We’ve put out some poison but he’s probably not hungry as I’m sure there’s enough food scraps under the fridge to keep him and his friends well fed for at least a year.



  1. We had mice galore in Cambridge, MA — especially because of all the extra food Marika would leave laying around. So Ruth went out and purchased some mousetraps that looked like little garages for Matchbox cars. One of my fears / dislikes was finding a mouse crushed and being required to look at him laying there. With the Matchbox looking boxes you would simply have a tail sticking out of the front to let you know one had been caught. We used peanut butter as bait and they hardly knew the difference from what our kids ate.

    Vince and Ruth

  2. Sheena, I just got a mouse this morning. I set out traps last night and when I opened the door where I keep pots and pans, there was a rather large crushed mouse. I put on some of Jesse’s work gloves and put trap and all in a plastic bag for the garbage. I am not very brave, but this mouse has been around for a while and I was tired of all its noise and droppings. I hope you get rid of yours soon.

  3. Reading your original post it sounds as if you were complaining that I was not washing the dishes whilst listening to NPR.

    Me and my firends do enjoy the scrps under the fridge though!


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