Posted by: sheenastrain | January 6, 2010

Canadian Snow in Mississippi

The husband of one of the pre-school teachers at our church school returned from Canada with a truck full of snow, you know, as you do. He kindly tipped it in the playground for the kids to play with, this is all that was left by the time the boys got home from school.



  1. Ah, good ole Canadian snow!! Great – like all things that come from Canada… 😀

  2. What a brilliant idea!

    Actually we have some going spare here too, would you like me to send you some?

  3. Oh, please do! Some Scottish snow would be very novel!
    It’s just started snowing here, but only a few flakes. Everything has closed though and they were queueing up at Walmart yesterday like it was the end of the world.

  4. Ah, so nice to have you back! Great shots of the boys, too. I’ll take snow from anywhere as long as it is NOT accompanied by temps of 12 dgrees F… Too cold, too cold. (hi Laura!)

  5. Lovely to see the boys having fun in the snow in Mississippi — who`d have thought it !!we`re glad to see the end of our snow although we could get more yet.

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