Posted by: sheenastrain | February 3, 2010

Found in the offering plate

One of the Deacons found this when they were counting the money. And no, on this occasion my children were not guilty.



  1. What this really begs to question, however, is WHAT in the world was the sermon on that day? *grin*

  2. I’m sure I’ve seen the ‘Muppet Book of Systematic Theology’ on his desk, but I can’t say for sure whether he was using it for that sermon. :0)

  3. I’m with the author on Barney – the big purple dinosaur creeps me out. Elmo on the other hand… Who can hate Elmo?!?!

  4. A least the kid has good taste! 🙂

    By the way, not ignoring your email, things have been pretty crazy around here…

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