blogging inanity, from the keyboard of a Scottish mother on the move from London to Mississippi.



  1. I’ve never been on a blog before – an amazing piece of work. Our minister-in-waiting (Chris and I are currently at Durham Presbyterian Church, getting ready to join the new church plant in Gateshead, hopefully in the New Year) was praying for you last weekend and I wondered where you were off to. Trust you have a happy fortnight with family; I imagine it will be both exciting to move but a wrench to leave relatives and friends behind. God bless, Alison

  2. Hi there!

    I was looking for an e-mail address for you but I’m not able to find one. I’ll post this info here.

    I’ve been working on getting the League of Pastor’s Wives blog and blogroll updated. Yesterday I spent some time getting things in order and I think I can actually say that League of Pastor’s Wives is officially RELAUNCHED!

    Check it out over at:

    League of Pastor’s Wives – http://league-of-pastors-wives.blogspot.com/

    I do have you on the new blogroll because you were listed in the last one (your older blog was listed, anyway). If you have any preference about being included please let me know.

    If you have a link to League of Pastor’s Wives in your sidebar, I wanted to let you know about the NEW address for the blog. We don’t know what’s happened to the original one (that most ladies currently have listed) but we are no longer able to access it or use the address. (You can read a bit about it on the blog.) Please update the link in your sidebar if necessary.

    We’re excited to get these things updated, and look forward to connecting with you and other ministry wives to be of support and blessing to one another.

    Sweet Mummy

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